Job opportunities in Halifax Nova Scotia
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Job opportunities in Halifax

If the city of Halifax has a population of 351,020 inhabitants, 212,940 constitute its active population, at the time or the number of unemployed is 13,385 people or a rate of unemployment which amounts to 6.28 %. For what is the average income there is of 34,748 $. That said it is to emphasize that the francophones are receiving an average wage much higher either 40,612 $.

Several areas of activity are supporting the local economy, including the health sector and of social assistance which employ 12% of the workforce in Halifax. We must not omit non-more than the public who recruited 11% of the active population of the metropolis. Despite their performance, the employment market in Halifax is dominated by the sale and services which provide 27% of the posts, followed closely by finance and administration with 20% and then the transport and machinery which have 12% share of the labor market of the city and its environs.

Some sectors are experiencing a deficiency of the workforce that is the case elsewhere in the field of health and residential construction. It is enough to have the necessary skills and qualifications to be able to unhook a post in these sectors of activity.

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