Halifax city
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Halifax City

Halifax place head of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, it has a total of 390,096 Haligonians, component nearly 40% of the population of the province. The City wants to be an important economic center based on the strength of its businesses but also its government services, elsewhere she achieved 19% of the GDP in Atlantic Canada. The ministry of defense is one of the most important employers in the city, without forgetting the port of Halifax which also offers important opportunities in the local labor market.

Halifax is known for its economic attractiveness view that it occupies the 4th position in terms of competitiveness of the cost of doing business in the world. In support of this classification is added the importance of logistics and transport.

The Halifax city placing on the diversity of its economic fabric by relying on the industry which is experiencing a development without preceding, financial services and advanced technologies. The metropolis relies primarily on its human capital, it is enough to say in this connection that 70% of the active population is holder of a secondary diploma.

It should also be remembered that the aerospace and defense occupy a dominant role in the field of employment in Halifax, of the time that the aerospace employs nearly 6000 workers and generated $600 million in revenues annually.

The results which are added to those of the defense which employs 9000 people and generates annual revenues of a billion dollars.

In definitive, Halifax is a dynamic city that attracts investors and industrialists and which offers many opportunities for employment both in the immediate and in the years to come, building on the new technologies and the industrial development which constitute the pillars of its development and promise of happy days the people of Halifax.