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About HALIjobs.ca

Halifax jobs search Engine

HALIjobs.ca was created as an engine of job search in Halifax (Nova Scotia) in Canada, to help recruiters and candidates

The city of Halifax presents significant opportunity for employment, opportunities not always accessible to the local labor in search of a post stable and scalable or just a temporary position or part-time. Today and thanks to the site halijobs.ca which lists a large amount of advertisements for employment in the various fields of activity such as finance, the design, the Council, the mechanical, food, health, hotels, information technologies, among other the labor market is very accessible to researchers of local employment. The tenders are listed on the site halojobs.ca by category but it has also provided a search bar by key words for a quest quick and relevant.

The platform HALIjobs.ca is bit crowded, it is content to present the categories and the trades in such a way as to facilitate the quest for researchers of employment and assist this process in a practical way and professional.

Halijobs.ca is a portal of the employment in Halifax who works with the indexing system which explains the impressive number of tenders available for job seekers. But even more it is a portal dedicated 100% to the city of Halifax who knows a development without preceding and who has need of its human capital to maintain this growth. Moreover, the businesses and the professionals of the city are to the influx of the best profiles fit to provide an added value to their structures in the various disciplines and specialities.

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Through halijobs.ca recruiters and candidates can meet on the market of the virtual work that proposed the site Halijobs.ca to create a new economic and social dynamic in Halifax. But especially meet the needs of each other. For the first they will have the opportunity to recruit the best profiles able to accompany them in their development and to cope with the competition and for the second it is a chance to be part of the ranks of the workers of the city or to relaunch their careers.